JoLynne Whittaker grew up in Rochester, New York as the only child of a single parent household. JoLynne began having prophetic dreams as a child and knew from the tender age of eight, that God had a special purpose for her life. Now, she expresses her heart for God and people, by prophesying and preaching the Kingdom of God.

 JoLynne is known for her down to earth personality, real talk, and sweet humor. The prophetess is also known for her ability to discern angelic presence, and she is especially known for inspiring others to pursue greatness and purpose. JoLynne flows in the gifts of prophecy, wisdom, knowledge and discernment, according to the will of the Holy Spirit.

 JoLynne loves spending time in prayer and worship, and she adores quality time with her husband Jon, and their children. JoLynne also loves to cook (she has written two cookbooks), hike in the woods, and she especially loves the ocean. Above all, Prophetess JoLynne Whittaker loves Jesus and is committed to doing her part in End-Time Revival. JoLynne currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia.