As I sit here in my office, enjoying the beautiful morning sun coming through my window, sipping my coffee and getting ready for morning coaching sessions, my mind is drawn to an unusual but relevant thing: what I’m wearing.  You see, I’m currently wearing a summer dress and pair of house shoes I like very much — both of which I bought a couple of years ago, at Target.


I’ve always loved shopping at Target.  For years, it was my go-to store for birthday party goodies, Christmas toys for the kids, cute clothing items and household things.  But I refuse to shop there anymore, as Target, along with so many other stores and institutions around the globe, have abandoned all reason and actually created unisex bathrooms.


Some people believe this is progressive thinking.  That in the doing, Target and other places like it, are honoring the chosen identity of transgender individuals.  Allow me to speak the truth, in an environment when too many are afraid to: Target, you’ve lost your mind.  Target, you’re insane.  Target, you’re disgusting.  Target, you’ve disappointed me.  Target, your stock value has just taken an incredibly large plunge — because many, many, indeed a very good many, share my view—but you’e choosing to ignore us.


On the opening day of your unisex bathrooms, a convicted pedophile went into the ladies’ restroom and took photographs of a ten year old girl.  In the days to follow, similar incidents occurred… while some folks just went into ‘the other’ bathroom simply because they could.


What a debacle.  What a joke.  What a complete fulfillment of Bible prophecy — because while the world thinks we’re establishing and demonstrating an ‘open-arms’ policy to everyone under the rainbow, the reality is, the landscape of this world is changing just as God said it would.  And how could it not?  With a departure from God, demonic thinking takes over.


Our mentality, inner gauge for right and wrong, and what we will and will not accept, has changed.  And no, it’s not for the better.  Where in the world are things getting better??  No, things are getting worse without God, just as the Lord warned.  Interesting that weeks before instating your new policy, Target, several Christians were beheaded on a beach.  Interesting that just weeks after instating your new policy, Target, terrorist attacks continue to be carried out around the world — but none of it is related, none of it means anything, none of it is a sign of the times??


To the contrary, according to Isaiah 5:20 and 2 Peter 3:3, and Revelation 18:10-17, what is happening is this: the world is descending into a complete lack of morality… as the spirit of Babylon once again takes over.


Target, you’ve publicly said that your plummeting sales and stock prices are due to global warming (insert LAUGH OUT LOUD) but everyone knows the truth.  So now I’d like to add one more dash of truth: what happens next won’t be good for you, but it will be so very good for those of us who have waited on the Lord, believed in the Lord, and remained faithful and steadfast in His reality and promise.  What happens next is, Jesus returns and shuts it all down (Revelation 1:7).  Praise God!  Oh, what a day that will be!


So Target, while I’m saddened that an era has come to a close, as I’m no longer buying my dresses, toys, makeup, and other items from you — know this: much more than I’m sad, I’m disappointed.  A lot of us are.  Target, you sold out.

– JoLynne Whittaker

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