Prophetic Words for Kingdom Millionaires

New from Dr. JoLynne Whittaker

God is raising up millionaires for such a time as this! These are passionate followers of King Jesus who have accessed the Blessing of the Lord and become highly favored and prosperous financially.

These Kingdom Millionaires will go to the highways and byways as they fulfill Kingdom assignments and impact lives for the Lord. They are the head and never the tail in their community, their family and their destiny.

Are you destined to be a Kingdom Millionaire? If so, this book is for you!

In this book, I am sharing prophetic words for Kingdom Millionaires. These powerful nuggets of God’s Wisdom and Prophetic Utterances are solid gold!

You will go to this book again and again, as you increase in the prosperity of the Lord!

Read… and prepare to access the millionaire dimension!

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