Thank You for Your Partnership!


Dear Partners:

 We greet you in grace and peace, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

 We are so grateful for you, and wish to thank you for your support of this ministry.  Without you, we couldn’t do what we do!

 To show you our gratitude and to bless you, we have just improved and expanded your VIP Partner’s Area.  As with any improvement, there are a few additional processes in the system which we are currently working out!

 We thank you for your patience and promise we are doing all we can to expedite this process.  Once this migration process had been completed, you will receive an email with your new login instructions.

 We want our dear partners to have a home right within our online home, and we’re working to make that happen!  To God alone be the glory!

 So, stay tuned partners, and stay encouraged!

As we press in and prepare for the glorious return of our Lord Jesus Christ, we believe God has so much for all of us!  

 In His Name and In His Service,

Jon and JoLynne Whittaker 

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