Last night, as my husband and I sat down to a simple meal (it’s hot here in Atlanta, no heavy food for us!), Jon took my hand to pray. A moment later, Jon began to say a meal-time prayer in tongues.

Speaking in tongues often triggers those around us.  The Spirit is contagious–as those apostles quickly learned as they gathered in the Upper Room on that first Pentecost all those years ago! (Acts chapter 2)

Similar yet different from a personal prayer language, praying in tongues is a beautiful albeit mysterious way of communicating with God — especially when you have no words, or when you simply want to let your heart do the talking.

Has that ever happened to you? Have you ever needed to pray but found that you have no words? Perhaps the stress of your current situation is just too high; perhaps the pain in your heart is just too great… Either way, you simply have no words, don’t know what to say, but you know that you know, that you know, you need God, desperately.  Yes, that is when your personal prayer language (which is similar in sound and structure to speaking in tongues) can powerfully speak for you.

Baptism of the Holy Spirit

Once, I needed to find a family member.  This individual was not answering calls or texts; the entire family was worried.  Boldly and without hesitation, I began praying in the Spirit, using my prayer language, asking the Lord to give me guidance.

What happened next, cannot be explained. It was supernatural.  I got into my car and began driving.  I began to take turn, after turn, after turn. I had no idea where I was going.

Twenty minutes later, I found myself on a road whose name rang a distant bell.   What turn was I to take next?  Where was I to go, then? I had no idea, but I knew God did.  I continued to pray.

It was a miracle that God had led me to the road. I had faith God would continue to lead me. AND HE DID. After a series of turns, I found myself in a stunning, upscale neighborhood. Several turns later, I was led to a home that, according to what I heard in my spirit, was relevant.  I rang the doorbell and inquired after my family member.  To my pleasant surprise, the person who opened the door had helpful knowledge!  Praise God!  That was indeed a miracle, facilitated and powered by the Holy Spirit.

If you do not have a prayer language, I encourage you to pray to God and ask for Baptism of the Holy Spirit. It is unlike anything I can describe, it is a blessing there are simply no words for.

Breakthrough Seed

If you have a few more moments, I’d like to very briefly share one more personal account. This is actually very personal, but the power is so raw and indisputable, that I believe everyone within reach of these words, needs to hear.

Some time ago, my husband and I decided to begin tithing significantly, in order to see a significant move of God in our finances.  We knew it was time to tap into the Scriptural principle of sowing into the Kingdom of God… in order to receive.


( On tithing, PLEASE READ, IN THIS ORDER:  Genesis 14:20, Genesis 28:20-22, Leviticus 27:30-32, Numbers 18:20-32, Deuteronomy 12:5-11, Deuteronomy 14:22-29, 2 Chronicles 31:5-12, Nehemiah 10:37-38, Amos 4:4, Malachi 3:8-10, Luke 11:42, Hebrews 7:5-9 )

Right away, we saw supernatural movement both in our finances and growth in our lives.

When we support God’s work, God supports us. It is that simple… and that powerful. The antiChrist agenda is real. So must the Kingdom Agenda be real. The antiChrist is pushing hard against Christians in these last days. Christians must be able to push back—with clout! That takes faith, and let’s not be foolish or naive; that also takes finances. It takes money to print books, reach the broken, arrange mission trips, run churches, sustain ministries. So when we support God’s vital work, God in turn supports us. It is Scriptural. It is solid Biblical principal. And it’s real.

If you need a financial breakthrough, is it time to sow into fertile soil, in order to secure YOUR future harvest?

If the Holy Spirit speaks to you and moves you to sow into this ministry, you can be confident in two things: (1) your personal needs will immediately be prayed for; (2) you are sowing into fertile soil — we are committed to furthering the Kingdom of God!


When you submit an offering, please be sure to include your personal needs, or anything you are struggling with so Jon and I can pray for you.

I hope this blog inspired and helped you!  The Holy Ghost has been talking to me about the power of testimony, so I knew it was time to share more of my own story!  Please feel free to send your thoughts, feedback, or prayer requests… you can do so via the email icon at the top of this page.

God bless you!  Thank you for reading!  I love y’all very, very much.  (One year in Atlanta, and “y’all” has worked its’ way into my vocabulary!)

In His Service,

JoLynne Whittaker

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